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Volunteering – learn new skills and have fun!


Volunteering boosts your cv!

Volunteering is a brilliant way to gain work experience, develop new skills and help people in your local area. Employers and universities seriously rate volunteering experience; you can even pick up qualifications and certificates for your efforts along the way.

Chris Bushby from Discover Volunteering tells us more about how to get started in volunteering and how your youth group can apply for a nationally accredited ASDAN ‘Volunteering at an Event’ qualification.

Why should I think about volunteering?

Volunteering can improve your confidence, build your work skills, help you gain knowledge in a new subject, and give you the chance to travel. It can even be fun! You can also make a big difference to the lives of the people you volunteer to help. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect on an organisation and the people it represents.

When applying for jobs or further education, your applications need to stand out. It’s important to be able to draw on your own experiences in interviews and volunteering will definitely give you lots to talk about!

So, what is a Volunteering at an Event Qualification?

Volunteering at an Event Qualifications are national qualifications for volunteers accredited through ASDAN. They are available to anyone aged 14 and up and are ideal for youth groups.

You will need to plan, run and evaluate an event with your youth group and complete a short assignment. They are a great way to boost your CV, earn credit for your volunteering and make a difference to your local community. You can achieve a qualification at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2.

What kind of volunteer work can I do?

There are so many different types of work available, from helping in charity shops to exciting adventures at home and abroad. Many volunteers support local charities and volunteer in school, whilst others work across the UK or even travel abroad. We have helped students get involved in projects on cookery, sports coaching, first aid, theatre, conservation and even volunteering at music festivals.

Do I need experience to apply?

No. Most people volunteer to gain experience and organisations welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. All you will need is plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved.

How much time do I need to give?

Volunteering opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, from long-term, regular commitments to one-off projects, which might only take a day or two.

What kinds of skills can I develop?

Where do we start! You can pick up so many new skills – including teamwork, responsibility, initiative, communication, relationship-building, computing skills and, depending on what you do, professional work skills – like radio production with a community radio station or construction skills on a community building project.

Will it help me get a job or get into uni?

In a word ‘YES’! Your application and CV will stand out; it will offer employers or universities something extra and you will certainly be more confident in an interview talking about something practical you have been involved in.

How do I find out more about ASDAN’s Volunteering at an Event Qualifications?

Email Chris Bushby at DiscoverVolunteering for more information